Workshops are one of the KENOMO Project activities. They are aimed at performing
knowledge transfer on research-based education through guest lecturing, staff mobility and
teaching competency/PhD supervision workshops.
Partners host workshops by bringing international visitors to their campuses or
selected venues.
The first workshop was held on 21-22 nd February 2018, at La Mada Hotel in Nairobi Kenya.
A large percentage of participants were students and Staff from KCAU and UoN. Other
participants included potential students and staff who are women or from other groups that
are underrepresented in computer science.
The workshop was run under the theme “Empowering Underrepresented groups in
Computer Science” and the following sub-themes:
1: Empowering women and the girl child in Computer Science
2: Empowering people with disabilities in Computer Science
3: Empowering people from under represented tribes or geographical regions in
Computer Science